Apple M1X

The Soc M1X is a processor based on TSMC’s most advanced manufacturing technology. However, it is reported that the company will also focus strongly on mini LED displays. Industry experts argue that Apple’s claim to this type of monitor will be so big that the already industry-leading firm will be one of the main culprits in the spread of this technology in the computing world.

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Therefore, Apple’s MacBook Pro M1X, which should hit shelves in late October or early November, will also be the first laptops to feature mini LED displays. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, this will be what the market needs to invest in display technology.

Apple will revolutionize the world of laptop screens!
Apple will produce laptops with mini LED screens. If Apple’s implementation is really good, it is expected that all other manufacturers will start investing in this technology or invest more strongly in OLED.

The release of next-generation MacBook Pros is expected, which uses mini LED displays just as the older MacBook Pro did to the USB-C ports and the iPhone 7 did to the Aux-In ports, analysts say. In other words, there will be an authentic revolution in the market and a completely new trend will be established. While Apple moves its entire spectrum of computing devices to this type of display, it will also gradually do so.

Mass production of the new MacBook Pros is currently underway, so it’s rumored that the launch will take place later this year. It looks like the chip crisis won’t affect any Apple releases in 2021.